Court extends Al Mawashi sheep export interdict

The Al Mawashi ship at the East London Habour on Tuesday.
The Al Mawashi ship at the East London Habour on Tuesday.

The high court interdict prohibiting Kuwaiti livestock exporter Al Mawashi from exporting animals by ship across the equator will remain in place till mid-July when the National Council of SPCAs will argue for a permanent ban on live animal export by sea.

Al Mawashi and its parent company, Livestock Transport and Trading Company (LTTC), last week sought to vary the order to allow it to export to the Middle East at least 56,000 of the 72,000 sheep it has sitting at its Castledale feedlot in Berlin.

But Grahamstown High Court judge Gerald Bloem dismissed its application to do so The sheep are costing Al Mawashi some R400,000 a day to maintain and it said in court papers the financial implications would drive it into liquidation and its parent company out of South Africa.

The interim interdict will now remain in place until the outcome of the NSPCA’s application to have the live export of animals by sea permanently banned.

The NSPCA says the practice is cruel and inhumane.