WATCH | 'Hands off Jeremy Vearey!' — Supporters march to parliament after top cop's dismissal

Chants of “Hands off Jeremy Vearey now!” were heard outside parliament on Wednesday as church leaders, community workers and activists marched in support of Maj-Gen Jeremy Vearey after his dismissal from the SA Police Service (SAPS) last week.

“We are finding bodies on our streets because good men like Jeremy Vearey, Andre Lincoln and the rest of them are being persecuted,” said Henrietta Abrahams from the Bonteheuwel Development Forum.

“They want them away because we have corrupt police officials who are working with the underworld.”

A memorandum was handed over to a parliamentary official by the dean of St George's Cathedral, Rev Michael Weeder.

“It is evident in the systematic hounding out of the service of dedicated and committed police officials — the most recent example is that of the firing from the force of Maj-Gen Jeremy Vearey — the beneficiaries of the absence of these persons from the fray are the country's ganglords and their allies in SAPS; the Judases in our ranks who sell their soul and betray their fellow officers for bloodstained pieces of silver,” said Weeder.

Vearey was dismissed after a disciplinary hearing found him to have brought SAPS into disrepute because of disparaging comments he made on Facebook about national police commissioner Gen Khehla Sitole.