Job-seekers lose money in Durban metro police employment scam

Do not fall prey to scam artists who 'sell jobs'. Stock photo.
Do not fall prey to scam artists who 'sell jobs'. Stock photo.

Scam artists posing as Durban metro police officers are “selling jobs”.

On Friday the eThekwini municipality warned the public about the scam.

“The modus operandi is that the scamsters contact individuals and promise them permanent employment within the metro police department for a fee. The scamsters request that money be paid to a cellphone number via instant money transfer at stores,” said municipal spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela.

He said municipal jobs were not for sale.  

“The municipality would not ask people seeking employment to pay for any job.”

All eThekwini municipal job opportunities are advertised on the official website through the city’s online application system.

“Jobs are also advertised fortnightly in the Metro Ezasegagasini newspaper, a municipal publication, and in some local newspapers. Those seeking employment are encouraged to apply through these reliable mediums. The public is urged to report these criminals to the Durban metropolitan police service,” said Mayisela.

“We ask that all individuals who have fallen prey to these scammers report the matter urgently.”