‘Heroes’ show the way

It is very inspiring to read about the “local heroes” in and around East London who have sacrificed much to assist needy people, abandoned children, pets and animals without shelter and people suffering from serious ailments and disabilities. Thank you Daily Dispatch for highlighting these people and their wonderful work.

A very sobering thought is that many non-profit organisations such as Hospice which provide an incredible service for the community are not able to function at full capacity due to lack of funds.

Hospice in East London, which does outstanding work nursing people with severe and terminal conditions, no longer runs a hospital care unit due to insufficient funds.

These centres that so selflessly support the community could function far better if much needed funds were made available.

In last week’s Dispatch I read with awe that “Lotto saves Sascoc with R70-million for games”!

It is indeed laudable if the funds are used to assist Olympic athletes – but it is equally sad to know that there is at the same time a serious neglect of financial aid for small non-governmental organisations that in reality make the difference between life and death for many very poor and desperate people.

All the care centres in and around East London could certainly use financial aid Lotto to make a huge difference to the lives of the needy.

Our SPCA is another fantastic organisation in desperate need of consistent funding to shelter rescued animals.

Many prominent, powerful people have hardened their hearts to the cries of help from those not able to help themselves. The money wasted through corrupt tenders, illegal transactions and wasteful government expenditure is a river of finance that could uplift many!

Pray people pray, yes, but pray for honesty and justice. And above all for repentance so that money is used wisely to improve the lives of South Africans, not to benefit the corrupt! — Trevor Watson, Gonubie

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