We cannot let corruption, greed rule our beloved motherland

IT HAS taken South Africa just over 20 years from being a celebrated nation whose negotiated settlement promised to offer the world a way out of its own conundrums, to a disgraced country whose president sold it to the highest bidder.

To make matters worse, the president of the country did the worst thing that can be done by any president, in full view of his political party and with the express certainty that his party would back him all the way. It’s a disgrace.

Such is the disgrace that several cabinet ministers have been directly implicated in the nauseating #Guptaleaks e-mails.

The fact that it was Bell Pottinger who came up with the concepts of “white monopoly capital” and “radical economic transformation” has not dissuaded the traitors from continuing to use these terms.

These traitors continue to take us for fools.

Last Friday, Jacob Zuma went to a Youth Day celebration in Ventersdorp and used these very same discredited slogans without wincing.

The sense of reverence for the children who died in 1976 is simply not there.

All the while, the ANC, always imagining itself to be politically suave, smart and invincible, sits twiddling its thumbs, believing that it still has the capacity to manage the situation.

The disgrace is overwhelming. This year, we should mourn June 16.

Predictably, the utterly compromised traitor, Mosebenzi Zwane, has gazetted a new mining charter with little consultation, and zero intelligence, if you consider the state of our economy.

Is there any merit in engaging with a mining charter engineered by the likes of Mosebenzi Zwane, except maybe to have it struck off immediately by the courts?

There is no reason why we are still subjected to the poison which comes from these traitors.

Who in their right mind would allow a traitor to cook food or even have access to the kitchen, if it is suspected that they might add poison to the food?

Why are we allowing these traitors to run amok in our country poisoning the political, economic and social atmosphere further?

The now internationally disgraced ANC, which enabled the Gupta capture of state, is being largely ignored by its own deployees.

Both Zuma and Zwane have marched ahead, announcing massive changes in government without the knowledge of the ANC.

Mosebenzi Zwane announced a non-existent cabinet decision last year.

Remember the phantom cabinet decision to investigate banks which had closed Gupta bank accounts? He lied to the nation about cabinet.

Did the ANC do anything to reprimand him? You tell me.

He is still wreaking havoc in our country in the same portfolio. The recently gazetted mining charter has shocked even the ANC. Where does Zwane take his orders? We know.

Yet all the ANC can do is threaten to summon the traitor to “explain” himself. Expect a lot of “mantashing” there.

Zuma, the number one traitor in the republic, who has earned an unprecedented dishonour as the first president of the republic to be bought, has defied the ANC many times.

The man has made a habit of defying the same ANC which hoisted him high, in spite of his apparent unsuitability for the office of president.

Among his latest acts of defiance was his reshuffling of cabinet to the detriment of our nation and our economy. Predictably, we have been downgraded by ratings agencies and are now officially in recession.

So, to young South Africans, forget Zuma’s hot air or his Bell Pottinger nonsense. The struggle has changed.

It is no longer, largely between black and white. In fact, it never was.

The real struggle has always been about justice for all. Justice is a product of well thought out systems and controls which are deliberately put in place to achieve it.

It has only one real enemy; greed and corruption. This is where your new fight is, and it is ultimately, a global fight! You will not fight it alone! Sikhona!

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