WATCH | Kanye West's tirade at the White House with Trump‚ f-bombs and all

Artist Kanye West opens up to US President Donald Trump about bipolar disorder, guns, hydrogen powered planes and a host of other issues in an atmosphere of "good energy".

Kanye West's almost ten-minute rant with US President Donald Trump at the White House has gone viral as the musician dropped f-bombs‚ spoke about policy and said Trump made him feel like Superman.

West‚ who has been criticised for his support of Trump‚ stunned the world when he got the chance to meet the The Donald in person and used the opportunity to have a monologue.

Trump didn't even get the chance to add his two-cents‚ simply nodding his head every now and then.

At the end of it‚ even The Donald seemed dazed and simply responded with "I tell you what‚ that was pretty impressive folks."

Watch the whole video below. Seriously‚ it's worth the data.