Election rerun? Bring it on! — Floyd Shivambu fires warning shot at the ANC

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu says his party does not fear an election rerun.
EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu says his party does not fear an election rerun.

Floyd Shivambu has taken shots at the ANC, telling the party and its leader Cyril Ramaphosa that the EFF is not scared of an election rerun.

Addressing ANC volunteers at a “thank you” rally held at the University of Johannesburg's Soweto campus on Monday, Ramaphosa said the party was not begging for coalition partnerships and would be strategic regarding who it works with.

He added that if agreements could not be made, a rerun of elections in those hung municipalities could be forced.

EFF deputy president Shivambu took to Twitter to respond to the president's comments, saying the EFF was not intimidated at the prospect of a rerun.

Mr Ramaphosa says the ANC is ready for rerun of elections in municipalities where coalition governments cannot be constituted, and he thinks we are afraid. We are not!”

Shivambu said a rerun would “wipe out the dying ANC to zero”.

"He must bring it on! We’re more than ready!”

He likened Ramaphosa and the ANC to a boxer who was down for the count, calling it “chicken audacity”.

Sixty-one municipalities across South Africa were left hung, with no outright winner, after last week’s elections.

As coalition talks heat up, several parties have publicly said they will not team up with the ANC, including the DA, ActionSA, IFP.

Ramaphosa said he was not concerned about this and fired his own shots in response.

“A number of parties are going around boastfully saying they will not work with the ANC. But who said we want to work with them? We are not on our knees. If, comrades, we have to be in opposition benches, then we will be in opposition,” said Ramaphosa.

Shivambu earlier told Northern Cape premier Zamani Saul that he was “day dreaming” if he thought the ANC would be able to bounce back from its poor showing at the polls.

“Nothing will save the ANC. It’s finished and your internal factional and opportunistic tendencies will accelerate the decline. It’s done!” Shivambu said.