Pap, chicken feet and curry: Caster Semenya's recipe for victory

Caster Semenya reaching another milestone. File photo
Caster Semenya reaching another milestone. File photo
Image: Caster Semenya via Twitter

In case you have ever wondered how athlete and double Olympic 800m champion Caster Semenya always emerges a winner in all her races: she has revealed her recipe. It's pap, chicken feet and curry, served on an enamel plate. And her followers are here for it.

Semenya took to Twitter on Monday to share with her 184,000 followers that apart from lots of training, she charges up with nutritious food when preparing for her races. The picture is captioned "That's how you level up for nationals".

Tweeps were quick to take to the comments, as some laughed at the enamel plate, while some said Limpopo was well represented in the athlete's plate, with some even sharing snaps of the same meal. These are some of the reactions:

South African sprinter Akani Simbine took to the comments to share that traditional hearty South African food is also his secret to winning, to which Semenya responded "Hohoho, it's gonna be lit. I can't wait... we gonna shake it up again."