No panties‚ please. I'm Zodwa Wabantu

2017 gave birth to a new sensation in Zodwa Wabantu‚ a Durban-based dancer that grabbed headlines for her racy outfits and habit of not wearing panties.

Zodwa first caught Mzansi's attention with her dancing at popular Durban lifestyle lounge Eyadini‚ where she was snapped breaking it down while still being able to hold onto her Ngud'.

She was destined to remain an internet star until she stopped hearts and drew glances at the Durban July in a black dress that showed off all her assets.

It wasn't hard to see that Zodwa had skipped the panties like we hope to skip Monday mornings‚ and she soon trended for the look.

Everywhere you went‚ people were talking about Zodwa and soon the internet was filled with stories about her. Successful Afrotainment music boss DJ Tira used her fame to help keep her in the spotlight and started booking her for appearances.

"Zodwa is a wonderful person‚ who is a born entertainer. After we were booked by the same client in the UK‚ we developed a working relationship where Afrotainment now handles her bookings‚ which start from R25k. She gets bookings from all over‚ places like Botswana and Swaziland‚" Tira told TshisaLIVE.

Her popularity grew as she jetted across the country to perform in outfits minus the panties.

She was booked to perform at the Harare International Carnival in Zimbabwe‚ but there was one problem: they wanted her to wear panties.

Zimbabwean authorities initially stated that she would only be allowed to perform if she wore underwear‚ then issued an apology‚ which was short lived.

They issued a ban on Zodwa's performance after a complaint was laid by local actress‚ Anne Nhira‚ who questioned why a South African was being used to perform when there were many young Zimbabweans who were working hard and were more than capable of doing the same job. Zodwa responded by lambasting the actress and accusing her of dividing the continent.

In the end‚ she didn't perform at the festival but thanks to the publicity around the incident‚ she was able to move on to bigger things.

She performed at several venues and parties‚ including at well known strip club‚ The Summit Club‚ in Johannesburg.

But it was a public feud with Skolopad that soon overshadowed everything and kept her in the headlines.

She refused to take a picture with Skolopad at an event in Johannesburg‚ leading to a war of words that had fans running to choose sides.

Zodwa seemed to fuel the fire by calling Skolopad an attention-seeker‚ only to later tell her rival to leave her alone.

Their once fiery feud seemed to have gone cold until Skolopad upstaged her rival at the Feather Awards dressed in a wors outfit. Zodwa took to the stage to fire shots at her nemesis.

"I hear someone called me DJ Tira's trailer but hey‚ it's fine because at least I am following a jet plane and every time my face is on a poster there's R40‚000 in my account‚" she said.

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