Festival not just about fast cars but a good family outing too

Young and old turned up to watch the annual racing festival in East London
Young and old turned up to watch the annual racing festival in East London
Image: Sibongile Ngalwa

Roaring engines, screeching tyres and fast cars was what more than 1000 East Londoners were treated to at the South African Extreme Festival National Circuit Racing Championships at the East London Grand Prix track on Saturday.

The annual motoring festival hosted by Border Motorsport, saw V8 supercars, Sasol global touring cars and Kawasaki motorbikes among those battling it out for the supreme number one spot at the finish line on South Africa’s fastest track.

Spectators strategically positioned themselves around the track and watched in amazement as the circuit came alive with the roaring action.

The event was a family affair and many children were enjoying the jumping castles while scores of spectators converted the bases of their bakkies into makeshift living rooms with their camp chairs alongside while surrounding the track for a better heightened view.

Many spectators could be seen braaiing next to their vehicles. Local businesses and vendors also got a boost from the various food stalls which sold food and other items such as doughnuts, burgers, art works, mugs and other souvenirs.

Motoring enthusiast Mpendulo Ntunjwa of Tsholomnqa said he could not miss out on seeing the cars live.

“I’m a lover of everything cars and I would not miss something of this nature for anything, especially since it’s happening right at my door step,” he said.

Candice Tennant said her partner, Rory was the “motoring fanatic” who made her go to the weekend event.

“I’m glad he made me come. It’s exciting out here. The cars are super fast and it’s nail-biting just watching them, and the vibe is also amazing,” she said.

Nancy Hoggard said she had brought her son Luke and his friends. “Luke has been reminding me every day since he saw the posters up about the event a month ago and right now I’m the coolest mom ever,” she laughed.

“You know boys and their toys, and there aren’t enough activities in East London so it’s nice to have something like this to attend once in a while.” — mbalit@dispatch.co.za