Boitumelo made a great bachelor‚ but Twitter is here for Mr cameraman!

Date My Family bachelor Boitumelo "Gaddafi The Poet" Mainganya.
Date My Family bachelor Boitumelo "Gaddafi The Poet" Mainganya.
Image: Instagram

It is generally hard to get the stamp of approval from these Twitter streets but last night's Date My Family bachelor Boitumelo "Gaddafi The Poet" Mainganya had them eating out the palm of his hands.

However‚ it was the camera person's handy work that viewers actually tuned in for‚ because as you might or might not know‚ he/she is TOO MUCH! with the lenses.

While it seemed the Limpopo-born Boitumelo could do no wrong in Twitter's eyes because his eloquence‚ style and personality seemed to tick all the right boxes‚ Twitter is always looking for shade. And the cameraperson is ever-generous in that department.

So first‚ they appreciated the bachelor and all his charming ways...

Then in true Twitter style they moved onto the very vital shade throwing‚ courtesy of the cameraerson of course. And uh... he/she never disappoints.

Side note... he/she also seems to have a shoe fetish yazi... *insert thinking face*

See evidence below:

The cameraperson and the voice over artist of Date My Family should get raises at work (cc. Mzansi Magic) because they are full-on MVPs.

Until next season mense‚ thank you for the moments... From us and Twitter with love!