WATCH | Patronella weighs in on TGOM & Schumacher romance - and it's hilarious!

Thembsie Matu plays Patronella on The Queen.
Thembsie Matu plays Patronella on The Queen.
Image: Via instagram

Patronella is always defeating us with her comments on The Queen‚ but when she offered her two cents on the brewing romance between Schumacher and her boss Gracious‚ Mzansi was done!

Schumacher may have taken his shot with Harriet‚ but he still seems to have the hots for Gracious and even showed up to remind her that he’s alway keen to just Netflix and chill.

Patronella is obvs picking up on the vibes and on Tuesday shut down the game when she told Gracious straight: “Umtan'enyoka yinyoka  uluma njengo tatakhe“.

The internet was a mess in reaction to the comment‚ with memes flooding in like water from a broken tap.

Maybe Patronella should be made the new minister of home affairs because she knows all about it.

Also‚ whose decision was it to make Kamina into a cat meme?

We know that the whole Kagiso and Kamina thing is enough to leave you with a headache. But we didn’t realise how deep it ran until the timelines were filled with a meme showing a cat in a wig that has a striking resemblance to Kamina.

Oh. Save us!