WATCH | So many feels! Vusi Nova's As'phelelanga tugs at the heartstrings

Vusi Nova's music video for Asp'phelanga needs to be archived because of how brilliantly it pays homage to the legends of the entertainment industry.

The As'phelelanga music video is mos def one for the history books!

The music video is beautifully shot and tells a story of South African music in four minutes. Vusi sings his heart out for some of the legends who have fallen over the years.

The music video gives the song‚ which is already a hit that extra edge.

It gives off a jolly feeling with the cast dancing and singing along to the lyrics‚ there are moments in the video‚ captured amazingly through the close up shots that show the hurt that is still there from the absence of these stars.

Watch the music video below.

People have been waiting anxiously for the video to drop especially after Vusi revealed who would feature in it.

People such as Clement Maosa‚ the Mampofus‚ Siphesihle Vazi and Soso Rungqu among many others.

The verdict? People love the video for the honour it bestows on fallen stars.

Source: TMG Digital.