WATCH | 'It's a privilege to be a driver': A free vaccines bus is helping more than just the passengers

BreadCrumbs, a behavioural linguistics company based in Craighall Park founded by Leigh Crymble, is offering a free shuttle to and from vaccination sites to try to prevent vaccine hesitation and to avoid vaccinations being seen as a luxury .

The vaccination bus is trying to make the travel process easier for those who are unable to travel to and from vaccine sites as well as helping people to register on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) and answering any questions they might have. 

The bus has indirectly helped others along the line too, including one of the bus drivers Musa Sikhosane who has been out of work for months due to lockdown. 

“Being able to be one of the drivers is such an honour and privilege, it helps put something on the table,” said Sikhosane.