Maimane to take ‘Jobs Not Jets’ demands to Luthuli House

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane
Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane
By Tiso Black Star Group Digital

Mmusi Maimane will be at Luthuli House on Thursday to tell President Jacob Zuma and the (African National Congress) ANC “to take responsibility”.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) leader’s visit to the ruling party’s Johannesburg HQ will come after he‚ and a raft of party leaders‚ unveil its “Jobs Not Jets” billboard in central Johannesburg.

The opposition party claimed on Wednesday night that a group of self-proclaimed ANC supporters attacked the covered billboard with rocks

“This billboard and memorandum will reiterate the DA’s call for President Zuma and the ANC to take responsibility and cancel the acquisition of a new R4-billion jet‚” a party statement said.

“It is unacceptable for the president to be buying a new luxury jet at any time‚ but especially when South Africa is in economic trouble‚ and when 8.9-million people are unemployed.”

While Maimane’s visit to Luthuli House is likely to be met with opposition from the ANC‚ it was reportedly the ruling party’s internal squabbles that marked his visit on Wednesday to Port Elizabeth’s KwaDwesi township.

There he came across angry ANC supporters who had been protesting over the ANC’s councillor candidate lists and were remnants of burnt tyres and rocks in the street‚ and a heavy police presence.

Some Twitter users said they expected trouble during Thursday’s DA action.

Zuko Zeka @zukoZEKA tweeted simply: “Luthuli house won’t like it at all”.


Ndifelani @ndifelanit asked: “@MmusiMaimane @helenzille Why march 2 Luthuli & not Union Building 4 ‘No Jet’? A u obsessed with ANC & unable 2 draw attention by uself”.