IEC announces audit to investigate double voting claims

An IEC official scans an ID.
An IEC official scans an ID.
Image: Gallo Images / Dino Lloyd

The IEC has decided to conduct an  an urgent audit of results and votes  in a sample of voting stations to see whether double voting occurred.

This came at the request of a number of political parties which  raised serious concerns about the number of cases reported to them where people were able to vote on more than one occasion.

The problem was related to the IEC's indelible ink, which has been shown in some cases to easily rub off.  That makes it possible for people to vote more than once, as the scanners the IEC uses are not interlinked and cannot detect attempts at duplicate voting.

“The audit will involve the capture of information showing the ID numbers of voters who cast votes at each voting station from the “zip-zip” scanners and completed VEC 4 forms," the IEC said in a statement.

Voters and politicians have said the indelible ink placed on the left thumbs of voters could easily be removed using cleaning products. IEC officials have said it is possible to vote more than once but doubts it would influence the election outcome.