WATCH | Malema’s wife and children wishing the EFF happy birthday will melt your heart

Julius Malema's wife Mantoa and kids wished his party a happy birthday.
Julius Malema's wife Mantoa and kids wished his party a happy birthday.

Julius Malema's wife Mantoa and sons had social media users deep in their feelings on Monday when they sent a special video shoutout to the EFF.

The party had encouraged its members to share a short video message to the party celebrating its eighth birthday.

Of the dozens of messages that poured in from all corners of the country, including some from famous faces, the cutest had to be the shoutout from the EFF leader's family.

In the video message, Mantoa said: “Thank you for providing us with an alternative movement, and for fighting for the land for the people.”

Malema's young sons, who looked away shyly, got excited when it was time to sing happy birthday and threw their hands in the air at the “hooray”.

In his birthday address, Malema recounted the success of the party and said it was time for economic freedom in South Africa.

“We founded a revolutionary organisation as a fighting weapon for the poor. The EFF has, since its formation, demonstrated that it is the most dependable and trustworthy weapon in the hands of the dispossessed, landless and jobless masses of our people,” he said.

He claimed the formation of the EFF had changed the social, economic, and political landscape.

“Today, the EFF is [the] fastest-growing political movement, both qualitative and quantitative with a clear programme of action. We have brought young people to politics of programme and activism, instead of politics of careerism and patronage.”