WATCH | Malema pokes fun at people attending EFF rally in ANC T-shirts

EFF leader Julius Malema mocked the supporters wearing ANC shirts.
EFF leader Julius Malema mocked the supporters wearing ANC shirts.

EFF leader Julius Malema has taken jabs at “ANC members” who attended his election campaign in the Northern Cape, saying they are hungry for leadership. 

This week, the red beret leader was addressing his supporters ahead of the local government elections when he spotted a few people in attendance who were in ANC T-shirts. 

“We are here today. We are happy to see that even members of the ANC have arrived because they know where to find leadership. They have no leadership, they have abandoned their own people ... These people are longing to see leadership,” said Malema.

“When they heard the leaders of the EFF are coming they had to come too because they know where leaders are found. So don’t worry thinking that they’re bothering you, they’e just missing leadership and they can only find leadership in the EFF. 

“How can EFF people wear EFF T-shirts and go to an ANC rally? We would never do that because we are proper upstairs. We have our own leaders.” 

Malema’s jab comes after ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula threw shade at EFF and DA members “still in love with their ex”, the ANC.

Mbalula, last week shared a video where an EFF member can be heard mistakenly shouting “viva ANC” before correcting herself.

People in the crowd could also be heard laughing at the moemish.

“When you act like you’ve moved on, but you are still in love with your ex,” the video was captioned.

Previously, Malema lashed out at members of his party who flip-flop, saying the organisation is “not a Holiday Inn”.

He said strengthening the party was not based on friendship but hard work.

“Anyone who joined another and think that they can come back here to the EFF, they are not welcomed back. Anyone who has left the EFF to wear another political party’s T-shirt is not welcomed back,” he said at the time. 

“EFF is not a Holiday Inn, where you check in and check out. There is no check in and check out here. If you check in, you check in forever. If you check out, you must go forever.”