Quigney residents outraged at club noise

Quigney residents are up in arms over the noise levels coming from the newly opened Bora Bora beach club Picture: SUPPLIED
Quigney residents are up in arms over the noise levels coming from the newly opened Bora Bora beach club Picture: SUPPLIED
Quigney residents near the Esplanade have joined the long list of East Londoners complaining about noise pollution this festive season.

The Bora Bora Beach Club has been keeping surrounding homeowners awake well into the early hours of the morning since its opening in the beginning of December.

Quigney resident Samantha van Wyk said: “The only night I sleep is Monday because they are closed. They start with loud music from about 10pm every evening and it goes on as late as 5.30am the next morning.

“BCM needs to put a stop to this as it is affecting my health as well as my life and job because of the extreme stress of not being able to sleep at night.”

Sharnell Francis, another neighbouring resident, said that since the club’s opening she and her husband had been having issues with the loud music coming from the club that wakes them up at night.

Francis said there had also been instances where reckless driving would occur in front of the club, like “popping wheelies”.

She said she had not complained to the club’s management but had signed a petition, with 16 other nearby residents, objecting to the disturbance coming from the club.

Vusumzi Njece, councillor of ward 47, said that he had just noticed the club had opened.

“I do not know what process they followed . They should have come to a ward meeting to inform the residents that this is what they wanted to do. That is the proper process to follow but they did not do that. They might be using someone else’s licence,” said Njece.

Mgwebi Msiya, Eastern Cape Liquor Board spokesman, said that according to their records the club had a liquor licence and was trading legally.

“This outlet was first licensed on March 11 2006 under the name Atlantis Beach Front Centre as an on-consumption liquor outlet,” said Myisa.

He said that both restaurants and nightclubs use the same liquor licence.

Bathandwa Diamond, BCM spokeswoman, said: “We urge affected by noise levels of any kind in any residence to inform their nearest local authorities so that they can advise owners to turn it down.

“We would like to think that people who reside together respect one another and can talk with each other freely with tolerance and that is the first route we encourage.”

Despite phone calls over multiple days, and the promise of a callback, the Daily Dispatch was not able to get hold of Tulas Mbuyazwe, manager of Bora Bora Beach Club.

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