Samaritan starts feeding project in Fynbos with the little she has

‘Aunty Pam’ fills tummies of 150 children, other hungry locals

Fynbos resident Pam Orie serves a nutritious meal five days a week to hungry children from the community.
FILLING A NEED: Fynbos resident Pam Orie serves a nutritious meal five days a week to hungry children from the community.

After two children arrived on her doorstep asking for bread in March 2020, Fynbos resident Pam Orie decided to use the little she had to help others.

The 38-year-old mother of two established her soup kitchen — Hope 2 Feed More — in September 2020.

As the name suggests, Orie hopes to feed more people.

“My friends and I were sitting outside watching the kids with nothing in their tummies playing, and that’s when we decided to club our last cents together to buy bread for the kids who daily ask for food,” said Orie, who has lived in Fynbos for 30 years.

“After that, my sister and I volunteered for various charity events in and around East London, and this birthed the idea of starting something for our struggling Fynbos community.”

In June 2020, Orie was retrenched, but her ambition to make a difference did not falter, and in September, the Hope 2 feed More NPC (non-profit company) was registered.

“I decided to give back to my community, because I could see the need for food, education, housing and so much more,” said Orie.

Orie fills the tummies of 150 children almost every day with the help of her two daughters.

“We used to feed seven days a week, but we now operate five days a week.

“There are also elderly, sick and blind people who get their food delivered by my daughters. A few children in the community help me,” said Orie.

“We also assist adults, but these are mainly young mothers.”

With the help of other local NPOs and donations from businesses, friends and families, Orie also runs regular clothing and veggie drives for children and adults in need.

“The soup kitchen is run mainly by myself and my children who assist me. It is paid for from my own small pocket and the Sassa money I receive.

“My family and friends also donate what they can,” said Orie.

Orie is assisted by Brian Francis from Clean Slate NPO and former Daily Dispatch local heroes, Helping Those in Need NPO.

“Special thanks goes to Marion and Matthew Peake from Helping Those In Need who support, guide and assist us a lot with daily feedings and any needs in the community, advice and amazing team work.

“We also really appreciate and thank Brian [Francis],” said Orie.

With no plans on slowing down, Orie said she hoped to continue helping her community for many years to come.

“A simple ‘thank you aunt Pam’, a smile, encouragement from someone who is in a worse position than I am in — really touches my heart,” said Orie.

“Doing this has truly given me hope in humanity and I pray to be a blessing for my community for many years to come, because stopping now would mean no food for our elderly, sick, disabled or the children we feed.

“Not having food to give would break me inside, as I know what it is like to go without food.

“Knowing I can cook beautiful, nutritional and tasty food to relieve hunger in the community drives me to do so much more every day.

“It’s not always easy but with God, amazing family and friends on my side, I feel I can face anything life throws at me,” Orie said.



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