ANC hold secretive Thuma Mina meeting in Makhanda

ANC hold secretive Thuma Mina meeting in Makhanda
ANC hold secretive Thuma Mina meeting in Makhanda
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The African National Congress’s Thuma Mina campaign turned out to be something of a secretive affair in Makhanda on Wednesday.

Sarah Baartman ANC region chair Scara Njadayi had just arrived at Makhanda’s BB Zondani Hall late on Wednesday afternoon when his Makana sub-region counterpart Mabhuti Matyumza ordered the media out.

“This is a closed session,” he told the media in a hall filled with roughly 200 residents.

“You are released,” he told the media despite a bid by a member of the SA Communist Party to persuade him to let the media stay.

Both the Daily Dispatch and the the Grocott’s Mail were firmly escorted to the door.

The party’s Thuma Mina campaign was brought to the Eastern Cape last week by some of the party’s top officials. It has been billed as opportunity to allow its leadership to reconnect with Eastern Cape communities.

But, people in Makana Municipality have been expressing their anger in no uncertain terms with the ANC-led council. Collapsing infrastructure has led to prolonged water outages, massive sewage leaks, and potholed roads. A petition signed by over 20 000 residents in the small city calling for a complete dissolution of council has been handed over to Cogta MEC Fikile Xasa last week.

While the mood at the Thuma Mina campaign launch in Makhanda was festive, it is likely the leadership present might have had to face some tough questions.