Yes, the Volkswagen T-Cross is coming to South Africa

The T-Cross slots in just under the Tiguan.
The T-Cross slots in just under the Tiguan.
Image: VW

Volkswagen South Africa on Friday announced that the new T-Cross will be launched locally towards the end of 2019.

Built on the same MQB platform as the sixth-generation Polo, the T-Cross slots in just under the popular Tiguan and is looking to create a sales stir within the compact SUV segment that currently constitutes 8.7% of the total market.

Where most segments have shrunk, the compact SUV segment grew year-on-year from 2014 to 2018. In 2014, the segment accounted for 19,027 of new vehicle sales, whilst in 2018, the sales volume increased to 31,982 units, which equates to a 68% growth. 

Exact pricing is yet to be finalised, but Volkswagen South Africa has confirmed that the T-Cross will start below the R300,000 mark. The T-Cross will be available for pre-orders from the second half of the year and will officially be launched into the South African market close to the end of the year.

Volkswagen's local SUV offensive will continue in 2020 when it plans to launch the T-Roc, which is slightly larger and more premium than the T-Cross.