More protests over stripping saga

Irate Mdantsane residents on Monday marched to the NU1 police station, demanding that the three women who allegedly stripped naked and publicly humiliated 21-year-old Kamva Dala, be brought to book.

This was the second #JusticeForKamva march after residents on Saturday marched to the home of two of the three accused of stripping Dala, demanding they hand themselves over to the police.

When the marchers on Saturday could not find the three accused, whom investigating officer Detective Warrant Officer Phumelele Tile identified as Mihlali Nkwayi, Noluthando Madotyeni and a woman only known as Athule, they locked the Madotyeni family out of their home, claiming they were protecting the trio.

On Monday, residents marched from the Rubusana education district office to the NU1 police station where they met with Mdantsane police station boss Brigadier Clive Nkopo.

Dala was accused of sleeping with the boyfriend of one of the women who allegedly attacked her while going to college.

The victim, whose video caused a stir on social media, opened a case after the incident took place. However, the police have not made any arrests yet.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch on Monday, Weziwe Tebe said: “We decided to march to the station because when we called one of the suspects on Saturday, she was adamant that she had police protection, claiming she was told by the police to stay in hiding.

“So we needed to understand straight from the police how it is possible for an accused to enjoy police protection? What about the victim who does not have police protection?”

The 61-year-old granny said the community was outraged by the incident and wanted justice to prevail.

“We had a meeting with the station commander and he flatly denied that the suspects had police protection. He denied that there was a date set for a court appearance.”

Police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi confirmed the meeting between Nkopo and the residents.

Mbi denied allegations that police reportedly told one of the accused to remain in hiding.

Tile said anyone who knows of the trio’s whereabouts, can contact him directly on 078-299-4395, 043-708-7000/ 7136.