Sasco retains control of Nelson Mandela University SRC

Sasco retains control of Nelson Mandela University SRC
Sasco retains control of Nelson Mandela University SRC
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The South African Student Congress (Sasco) has clinched a landslide victory in the Nelson Mandela University SRC elections‚ winning six out of nine seats.

The student organisation secured a total of 3‚601 votes‚ allowing it to remain in power for the second year after taking power from the Democratic Student Organisation (Daso) in 2016.

Last year the university had an interim Student Representative Council (SRC) due to concurrent FeesMustFall protests.

This year‚ Daso raked in 1‚296 votes‚ giving it two seats while the Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (Eff SC) got one seat from 826 votes.

Final results will be released on Monday [October 1 2018] to allow for disputes and objections from political parties. Celebrations began in earnest on Wednesday night even though the results were still not known at the time.

The South Campus Kraal was kept alive with singing from all parties as they waited for the results.

Jovial incumbent SRC president and Sasco presidential candidate Bamanye Matiwane thanked students for entrusting him with power for a second term.

“It is not something that was not expected that we were going to win the elections‚ but nonetheless we are very happy‚ and we want to say to students we are still committed.

“We are going to make sure that we achieve and we fulfil all of our promises so that students can get whatever it is that they want.”

Matiwane said he would focus on transforming the institution’s sports and facilities and estates department.

“We are going to make sure students are in the front and Sasco must [will] lead them‚” he said.

Daso presidential candidate Kwanda Jakalase declined to comment on the results and whether they would lodge any disputes.

“I can’t comment on the results yet before the DA statement on them. It [the statement] will be released [later] today or tomorrow morning [Friday]‚” he said.

Eff SC’s Mzukisi Mnotoza could not be reached for comment.